Thursday, August 15, 2013

12 Week Biggest Loser Challenge - Effective Planning and Goal Setting

On Sunday a few of my family and friends are starting a "12 Week Biggest Loser Challenge".  One thing I've learned is planning ahead works and that is what I've been doing the last few days. I started with Charles Platkin's "effective planning and goal setting" outline. 

1. Specific: Plan it out.

How - Calories intake: 1200 - 1550 a day. Eating clean. Plan my meals ahead of time. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables available at all times for snacking. 

Exercise: Walk 2 miles (+) every day. Every other day either go to the gym, or do the 30 Day Shred

I've got my Fitbit to help track my miles and I'll be using and Sparkpeople app to track my calorie intake and exercise (calorie burn). My Fitbit is also linked to my Sparkpeople account. I need to burn at least 770 calories per week. Sparkpeople helped me figure that out.

When - Eat within an hour of waking and stop eating three hours before bed. I like to get my exercise out of the way (or I tend to not get around to it) so I'll be going to the gym or doing the 30 Day Shred in the morning. The walking I'll do either in the morning or in the afternoon or both. 

Where - Where ever I'm at. No Excuses. 

Why - I'm tired of carrying around the extra weight. I'm tired of not ever having anything (cute) to wear. Most important, I'd like to get healthy and be around for my family. 

2. Motivating: My why for sure and the 12 week BL challenge. We will keep each other motivated.

3. Achievable: Very achievable. 

4. Rewarding: See my why above. The 12 week BL challenge does have a cash reward but losing the weight is reward enough for me.

5. Tactical: See my how above.

6. Evaluated: With my Sparkpeople account I'll be able to evaluate if it's working or not.

7. Revisable: Yes and if needed I will revise and not give up.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pick a Diet Any Diet or Fitness Program - The Perfect Plan Just For You

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Diet is a tricky word. I'm not a fan of the word dieting, but diet on the other hand is OK to me. If you think about it, everyone is on a diet. The dictionary calls it our habitual nourishment. The problem is that most peoples diets aren't that nourishing. The goal is to turn your diet into a healthy one that nourishes your body and helps you lose weight or keeps you at your ideal weight. 

A great book that I recommend is The Four Day Win - End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace by Martha Beck, PhD. The Four Day Plan is a science-based thought and behavior strategies that will enable you to stay on a healthy eating program forever

I also recommend The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas. The Plan gives readers a ground breaking 20-day program designed to help them unlock the mystery behind what works for their individual body. I've learned so much about what I should not eat. It's not easy and I didn't follow it to a tee. 

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Fitbie has several 2 weeks jumpstart/challenges to get you started on a diet plan and/or fitness program. This is a great way to find a plan that works for you. 

Abs Diet For Women - Sculpt Flatter Abs in Just 2 Weeks!

The Abs Diet for Women Jumpstart is a simple, sacrifice-free plan that helps you lose weight and shape the healthier, hotter body you’ve always wanted. The plan’s fat-blasting meals and toning workouts will help you trim away belly fat for good.
  • Expert-approved meals and workouts will turn your body into a lean, fat-burning machine.
  • 12 Abs Diet Powerfoods fuel metabolism and help you slim and tone your figure faster. You’ll eat them at every meal.
  • Exercise anywhere! The pounds-melting workouts can be done at home or the gym.

400 Calorie Fix - Lose Up to 11 Pounds in 14 Days!

Eat what you love and still shed pounds to get the body you’ve always wanted. Our diet plan teaches you to limit your meals to about 400 calories with simple portion control tricks. It’s the world’s easiest weight loss plan.
  • A 2-week jumpstart program helps you drop pounds quickly and easily.
  • The structured plan is built around tasty 400-calorie meals to keep hunger at bay.
  • Healthy fast food options and recipes fit into the busiest schedule.

Diabetes Dtour Diet - Eat to Beat Diabetes!

Whether you have diabetes or just want to look and feel better, the Diabetes DTOUR Diet Plan delivers a one-two punch: weight loss and blood sugar control. Stop fretting over calories and carbs and start picking the right foods in the right portions. It’s that easy.
  • A 2-week diet plan helps you drop up to 13 pounds right away.
  • A flexible meal plan built around the Fat-Fighting 4 allows you to indulge in your favorite foods like spaghetti and ice cream.
  • 5 meals and snacks a day keep you full and your blood sugar stable.

Eat This, Not That! - Eat What You Love and Lose 10, 20, 30 Pounds—or More!

Don’t let sneaky calories add extra pounds to your waistline. Making a few easy swaps every day will help you save thousands of calories and lose more weight—without going on a diet. You can build the lean body you want and still enjoy burgers, pizza, ice cream, and more!
  • Eat 5 or 6 times a day. Curb hunger all day with calorie-controlled meals and snacks.
  • No need to cook! Learn to find the healthiest foods at any restaurant or supermarket.
  • Satisfy your cravings—no foods are off-limits with this Eat This, Not That!

Flat Belly Diet - Flatten Your Belly with Food!

Try the cutting-edge plan that has helped thousands of women conquer belly fat! The secret? Delicious foods packed with monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) that keep you satisfied as you peel off pounds.
  • The five major MUFA groups are: (1) oils, (2) nuts and seeds, (3) avocado, (4) olives, and (5) chocolate.
  • Eat one serving of any MUFA at every meal to help control calorie intake and lose belly fat.
  • No exercise required! This plan helps you lose weight by eating the foods you love.

Look Better Naked - Sculpt a Look-at-Me Body in 2 Weeks

Boost your in-the-buff confidence and sculpt your best body ever. Our simple plan helps you torch fat and build tight, toned muscles, so you’ll look and feel amazing—with or without your clothes on.
  • An innovative strength-training regimen targets and tones trouble zones.
  • An intense interval workout boosts metabolism for supercharged weight loss.
  • A healthfully indulgent meal plan lets you eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.
  • Built-in “off” days help you stay on track.

Personal Trainer For Women - Get an Amazing Body in Less Time!

Don’t work out harder, work out smarter: The Women’s Health Personal Trainer Plan combines the genius of interval cardio with full-body strength training to keep your body burning calories longer.
  • Exercise for a total of 3 hours per week to get your fittest body ever in fewer steps than you ever imagined.
  • 10 strength-training moves help you build lean, toned muscles, especially on your backside.
  • An interval-sprint cardio workout helps you slim down and banish belly fat.

Slim, Calm, Sexy - Calm Your Mind and Get a Sexy Body with Yoga

Transform your body, clear your head, and feel stronger and sexier than ever with the Slim, Calm, Sexy plan. These simple yoga workouts will help you manage stress, elevate your mood, and firm your figure in just 2 weeks.
  • Do the Fat-Burning Yoga Workout 4 days a week to slim down and build a lean body.
  • Boost calorie burn with a 5-minute Metabolism-Revving Kickoff 3 mornings a week.
  • Wind down with a Relaxing Yoga Sequence once a week. Do it more often if you really need to mellow out!

Walk Off Weight - Trim Your Belly, Butt, and Back Fat—Fast!

You can lose weight just by walking! The secret is a mix of steady-paced walks, fat-blasting intervals, and strength training that will melt away fat and send your metabolism soaring.
  • Lose up to 3 times the weight with a mix of cardio and body-toning strength-training workouts.
  • Maximize fat loss with interval walks that challenge your body with bursts of high intensity and bouts of recovery.
  • Eat what you want! This exercise-only plan helps you spur weight loss without a strict diet.

5-K Jumpstart - The Perfect Race for Beginners

If you’re new to running, signing up for a race is the perfect way to kick off your routine and boost motivation. This 2-week Runner’s World 5-K Training Jumpstart will help get you build your base to prepare for a full-length training plan.
  • Train 3 days a week. Running just a few times a week will get you where you need to be.
  • Go at your own pace. The emphasis in this plan is distance, not speed, so you don’t have to worry about your finish time.

Half-Marathon Jumpstart - Get in Half-Marathon Shape

Challenge yourself mentally and physically with this popular distance race. The 2-week Runner's World Half-Marathon Jumpstart will help you build your base before you embark on a complete 10-week training regimen.
  • Run 3 to 4 days a week. Add cross training to your regimen twice a week to build endurance and prevent burnout.
  • Build up strength and endurance with a mix of moderate and easy runs.

Bicycling Weight Loss Kick-Start - Blaze the Trail to a Better Body

Ready to turn flab into muscle and have fun while doing it? The Bicycling Weight Loss Kick-Start is designed to increase the number of calories burned after your wheels stop spinning, so you will maximize fat loss on every ride.
  • Four original cycling workouts challenge your body all week long—it’s like having a personal coach!
  • Ride 3 days a week. Mix in optional easy rides on days off to improve results.