Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Weigh In with Tops

My first weigh in was last night and I had lost 4.75 lbs. I was surprised because I had not exercised at all and on Wednesday (Halloween.) I had three glasses of wine and I know I ate more than I should have. I was pretty good all the other days so I knew I would lose a pound or two but almost five I was not expecting.

At my Tops chapter they have different incentives and to weigh in you have to pay a quarter. Then the person or persons that lose the most gets the pot. Also you have to bring in two healthy snacks and each one gets put into a basket. The person to lose the most gets one of the baskets full of healthy snacks. Last night I got one of the baskets and I also got half the weigh in money. I also won a couple other cash prizes but to be honest there are so many different incentives I don't even know what they all were for.

Today I started getting my fitness on. I started slow with walking 1.5 miles this morning. I'll do some hand weight exercises this afternoon. By next week I'll double the miles and add some other fun actives to get more exercise in.

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