Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Supercharged Hormone - Melt Your Fat Away


The Book: The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism and Feel Younger Longer by Dr. Natasha Turner ND (available for pre-order in the US.)

In the meantime I'll check out Dr. Turner's book The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer. 

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Notes from Dr. OZ 11/11/13 

Supercharged Detox Water

1/2 Organic Lemon
1 inch piece of Ginger
pinch of Cayenne Pepper
4 cups of Water

Drink 8 cups a day.

The lemon stimulates your liver, which is your fat burning organ. The ginger and cayenne stimulate your metabolism and control your cravings. 

Along with the Super Charge Detox Water eat 35 grams of fiber a day. This will helps with digestion and keep you full longer. 

Cut out processed foods high in carbs and sugar. These foods wreak havoc on hormones and promote the storage of belly fat.

Tummy Fat: Holy Basil - Two gel caps a day in the morning and your hormones will be in check all day.
Butt Fat: Indole-3-Carbinol - helps your liver break down the bad estrogen to the good.  200 mg twice a day. 
Always consult your doctor before starting a new supplement.

Dr. Turner's top picks for hormone foods to help melt fat.

Whey Protein Isolate: Add a scoop and a half to a smoothie every morning. WPI acts as an appetite suppressant. As well as it also help control blood sugar and enhance muscle mass and weight loss.

Pomegranate: Helps press down the effects of estrogen. Pomegranate contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory factors. Half a cup of pomegranate seeds a day.

Buckwheat: Great substitute for people that are sensitive to gluten. Buckwheat helps control blood sugar and insulin levels.

Red Wine: Dry red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. These two red wines contain high levels of flavonoids that help with digestion if consumed with or after a meal. 2-3 glasses a week.

Roasted Soy Nuts: A handful a day help increase metabolism and manage fat cell deposition. 

For more information visit Dr. Natasha Turner ND website.
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